How to Avoid a Christmas Binge-athon

Christmas is a time for family, fun and festivities. And what also usually goes alongside all these things? Food! And boy do we like to get our fill of indulgent treats at Christmas time! Even the most strong-willed people can struggle with all the tempting treats that are strewn across the shopping aisles from the beginning of November. 

Now I’m not here to tell you you can’t enjoy some overindulgence. I know I certainly will be! But what I want to help you with is avoiding mindless overeating throughout the holiday period, so that you avoid feeling terrible about stuffing yourself until you feel sick and undoing all your hard work you’ve done throughout the year.

Below you will find 3 simple tips that will help you enjoy a Merry Christmas without all the mindless eating.

1. Commit to guilt-free days

Set yourself a certain number of days where you are going to allow yourself to eat pretty much whatever you want. This could be 1 day, 2 days, 5 days or whatever you know is achievable. This will keep you accountable and help you avoid getting to January with the realisation of having overdone it every day.

2. Eat your favourite foods!

List out some of the foods that you are likely to eat over Christmas. There is a lot of mindless eating that goes on over Christmas and eating just for the sake of it. If you list out your favourite foods, then you can prioritise eating these foods over foods that you’re eating just for the sake of it. You are then getting to enjoy your favourite Christmas foods and not feeling like you’re depriving yourself.

3. Healthy Breakfast Indulgence

Start the day with a healthy protein-rich breakfast such as smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. This is giving your body the nutrients it needs and sets you up for the rest of the day. As tempting as tucking into Christmas cake first thing in the morning might be, it’s only going to lead to cravings for all the wrong foods.

If that’s not enough inspiration, then check out my free festive eBook of delicious, healthy recipe ideas. Visit to get your free copy!

I hope the above tips help you cope with the temptations of Christmas but importantly I don’t want you to beat yourself up if you do go overboard. Enjoy this time of year and savour the treats that it brings. 

I will see you in the new year when I will be launching a very exciting new 5 day challenge on 20th January 2020 – put the date in your diary as you’re not going to want to miss this!


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