How Dieting Keeps you Hooked on Sugar

After enjoying a much needed break with my family, I am back to once again share tips to help you improve your health and wellbeing in my Weekly Wellbeing series.

I have spent years working with women to help them get off the rollercoaster of yo-yo dieting. Alongside this I also help women eliminate their sugar cravings, and have come to realise that dieting and sugar cravings are intimately connected. Restrictive diets, both in terms of the food and mindset, keep you hooked on sugar and intensify your sugar cravings.

I want to share with you 3 reasons why dieting is linked to sugar cravings and 3 tips to help you beat your cravings.


1. Low calorie, low fat food is high in sugar

On a diet you are probably opting for low calorie, low fat foods to reduce your calorie intake. However these foods are really high in sugar. Eating sugar raises your blood sugar very quickly and then decreases it really quickly, leaving you wanting more and more sweet things. 

2. Restricting calories leaves you feeling hungry

Restricting calories makes you hungry, and when you’re hungry you crave food. When your blood sugar is lower than it should be, your brain tells your body to eat high sugar foods as that’s the quickest way your body can get energy from glucose.

3. Forbidden foods makes you want them more

Diets tend to give you a list of foods you are allowed to eat, and a list of foods you aren’t. When you’re told you’re not allowed something, it becomes even more tempting and you want it even more. You always want what you can’t have, right?


1. Eat real foods that fill you up

As a general rule real food, grown in the ground or on trees, or that grazes on grass, has all the nutrients you need to fill you up. Low calorie foods don’t fill you up. Eat good quality protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates to make sure you’re not hungry.

2. Eat proper meals

When trying to skip meals or grazing on low fat snacks, you’re not actually filling yourself up, so you’re always on the hunt for snacks. Sitting down to a proper meal made up of a good balance of real foods will fill you up and stop you from feeling hungry all the time.

3. Give yourself permission to eat what you want

I know this can sound scary but as you eat more nourishing foods, and your body learns you feel better from these foods, you will start to favour these foods. Rather than limiting yourself and living off lists of ‘allowed’ and ‘banned’ foods, give yourself permission to have a bit of everything. 

You’ll be surprised by your choices, and you might even find that you don’t even like the foods you’d previously been told were banned, simply because they taste too sweet or processed and don’t make you feel great afterwards.   

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I am also excited to announce that my 5 day Shift the Sugar Challenge will be back on Monday 21st September! I am back to teach you how to ditch sugar, kick your cravings and get off the dieting rollercoaster. I’ve been running this challenge since 2017 and it really works. This year you’ll find a BRAND NEW meal plan and BRAND NEW training. Look out for all the details in next week’s Weekly Wellbeing!


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