End the All or Nothing Approach to Food

Do you have an all or nothing approach to food?

If you find that you are either eating everything ‘right’, or eating everything ‘wrong’, then you are not alone. It’s such a common situation where you start off following a diet perfectly – you’re not eating anything you shouldn’t and you are totally nailing it. But then something happens and you’ve reverted back to your unhealthy ways of eating loads of crisps, chocolate and rubbish because you’ve broken the restrictive rules of your diet.

I work with so many women that have this all or nothing approach with their diet. That is because dieting culture perpetuates this approach. You get a list of foods you’re allowed to eat and a list of foods you’re not allowed to eat. When you inevitably eat something you’re ‘not allowed’ then you are made to feel like you’re a failure and since you’ve broken your diet you might as well keep on eating the forbidden foods.

Below you’ll find 3 tips that are going to help you have more balance around food and reduce the stress that food may be causing you.

1. Diets Don’t Work!

Anything that requires you to track and monitor what you’re eating isn’t sustainable in the long term. And when you slip, you’ve got no plan to follow, so you revert back to your old ways. What you need is to have a balanced approach to food.

2. Food is Nourishment

Don’t use food to punish yourself. Find foods that nourish you whether that be nutritionally, physically or emotionally. And you know what? It’s not always going to be the healthiest choice because sometimes chocolate is what you need!

3. You CAN Eat What You Like!

If you realise that nothing is off limits – that you can eat whatever you like – then you’ll find that you make healthier choices. Suddenly the temptation of that forbidden food is gone and instead you can make educated decisions about what is going to nourish you in that moment. Start listening to your body and stop thinking about whether the food is allowed or not allowed.

To move away from this all or nothing approach to food, you need to change your mindset because it’s not actually about what you’re eating, it’s about what you’re thinking and feeling, and you’re letting these thoughts turn into actions. Diet culture has led us to feel guilt, shame and embarrassment around food. We restrict what we eat so we feel constantly hungry and deprived. I want to help you put an end to these feelings so you can feel happiness and joy around food.


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