Ditching the sugar

Tune in all week for practical ways for ditching the sugar for good.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, you may have noticed that sugar is getting a bit of a bad rap. And not a minute too soon in my opinion. For years, it’s all been about the fat. Poor old fat has been taking the blame for every major modern health epidemic – obesity, heart disease, high cholesterol – and sugar has been getting away scot free. Hmm, I wonder why… But not anymore. The game is up. Sugar, put down your weapons, you’ve been busted. The Guardian names sugar as ‘enemy number one in the western diet’ and calls are now being made for manufacturers to face regulation.

For years, sugar has slipped under the radar, being added to foods where fat has been taken out, and consequently compounding the state of health in the western world. But FINALLY, studies are now showing that it’s sugar that is contributing to the catastrophically high levels of obesity, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and that fat could have been having a protective effect all this time.

But removing or reducing the amount of sugar in everyday foods is not something that is going to happen overnight so what can you start doing today to reduce the amount of sugar that you and your family consume? This does not mean simply switching to ‘sugar free/diet’ alternatives as the government’s new Change 4 Life campaign would have you believe: their ‘smart swaps’ are so unbelievably wrong, you could actually end up consuming MORE sugar and doing MORE damage to your health if you took their advice. I might even do a separate post on this.

All this week I shall be offering practical tips, recipes and advice on how to cut down on sugar and replace it with far more nutritious alternatives that will help to balance your body as opposed to take it on the sugar rollercoaster it is used to.

The first part is all about DRINKS. The amount of sugar in juice, squash, fizzy drinks and alcohol is obscene (as well as the sugar you add to tea and coffee) and, because they are in liquid form, the sugar is absorbed straight into the bloodstream and deposited as fat (unless you have just run 10k). So I will be dispelling some myths about sugar in drinks, the effects of diet drinks and offering some alternatives for you to try.

I look forward to sharing these with you and hope that you can also contribute your own ideas during this exciting week.



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