Easy Midweek Supper: Lemon and Zatar Chicken with Quinoa

This supper was one of those accidental meals up-cycled from leftovers of the kids’ tea. I love doing this and I do try and create more than one meal out of a single ingredient (in this case, chicken) as much as possible.

‘Up-cycling’ is one of the mainstays of The Fairy Food Mother’s philosophy on making life easier for mums.

We don’t always eat at the same time as our kids, and we don’t always want to eat the same meal as them. Nor do we want to be a slave to our kitchens, churning out meal after meal like a factory line or a fast food restaurant.

So why not use their leftovers and make them into a more grown-up meal for yourself later on?

I often buy chicken leg and thigh portions as these are cheaper than breast, especially when buying organic (which I highly recommend for chicken), and actually more tasty. I roasted the chicken portions and the children had drumsticks with noodles and vegetables for supper. But I fancied something a little exotic.

For the Lemon and Zatar Chicken with Quinoa

Cut the chicken off the bone and fry this in a little oil with 3 cloves of crushed garlic and 1 teaspoon of Zatar (a Middle Eastern spice made from thyme and sesame seeds, available from Bart’s Spices). Add a sprinkle of cayenne pepper. Open a sachet of Merchant Gourmet Red and White Quinoa (or other cooked quinoa), and add this to the pan. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon and stir it through. Season as you like, add an optional handful of spinach leaves and serve immediately. I ate this with a side of steamed broccoli.

So simple, so delicious.


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