Healthy Christmas Treats for Kids (And Adults!)

I have been inspired to write this post in advance of my appearance tonight on the lovely Parent’s Show on my local radio station in St Albans, Radio Verulam 92.6FM

The topic got me thinking about Christmas and about our traditions of allowing ourselves to completely stuff our faces with the knowledge that we’ll mop up all the damage in January. This tradition is about as ingrained in the British psyche at the Queen’s Speech. But it’s not exactly sending out the right message to our children is it? Especially at Christmas. Truckloads of chocolate + a bucket of sweets + a skipful of Santa excitement + a day of insane present-opening = MELTDOWNORAMA!!! I mean I think we’ve come to expect a level of completely tearful tantrums at some point over the festive season (and that’s not just because I have NOTHING to wear on Christmas Day), but is it really fair on our children’s little bodies to let them eat whatever they want, keep them indoors all day AND expect them to behave?! This cycle of overindulgence and deprivation is far from ideal for anyone’s insulin levels, let alone children’s, and we have to wonder about this when obesity, type 2 diabetes and eating disorders are on the rise in our youngsters.

Anyway, I have searched my lovely recipe books and the wonder of the internet and have found some beautiful recipes using nourishing ingredients that are generally gluten, dairy and refined-sugar free that can be adapted for Christmas simply by changing their titles (!)

I am not going to take credit for these recipes myself (although I am rather pleased with my re-names) so I shall simply direct you to the websites and urge to get messy with your kids and try out some alternatives to the usual sickly Christmas offerings. Simply click on the links below:

Lemon Snowdrops” – courtesy of Petite Kitchen, a fabulous new discovery of mine, full of mainly delicious-sounding paleo/GAPS recipes.

Frosted Reindeer Droppings” – courtesy of one of my favourite blogs, Celiac Kiddo.

Banana and Ginger Bread (men)” – courtesy of Christine Bailey, a fellow nutritional therapist, but also chef and creator of some wonderful optimally healthy recipes for all the family. My twist on her Paleo Banana Bread is to add 1/2 tsp of ground ginger and 1/2 tsp of ground cinnamon, slice the bread up and cut out gingerbread men shapes with a cutter, and grill them to make them crispy.

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