How to Stop Feeling Guilty About Eating

Welcome to my new series called Weekly Wellbeing where I share my tips and inspiration around my favourite subjects of nutrition, nourishment, mindset, wellbeing and self-care.

Today is all about guilt as I provide 3 tips to help you have a more nourished approach to how you eat and stop feeling guilty about eating.

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I work with a lot of women who come from a background of dieting. When on a diet, you are given a strict protocol of foods you are allowed to eat and those you aren’t. If you stray from the very strict path you are made to feel guilty. 

Tip 1: Watch your language

Think about what words you use to describe your food to yourself and others. Using phrases such as naughty, tempting, bad and sinful has been ingrained in the way we speak. Less healthy foods are ‘evil’ and you’re being ‘naughty’ if you ‘give in’ to eating them. Speaking this way is not conducive to a healthy relationship with food. It’s not something you can change overnight, but if you become conscious about how you’re talking around food, you can start to alter this behaviour.

Tip 2: Judge foods on nourishment not a number

Ask yourself if the food you’re going to eat is going to nourish you. And not just nutritionally, you also need to nourish your soul, and that might occasionally be with cake or chocolate! Meeting up with friends for a girly gossip over wine and nibbles brings me nourishment and I’m not going to ruin that pleasure by berating myself for doing it. 

Tip 3: Does it bring you joy?

I like to make meals colourful and attractive as this makes me happy. If eating something is going to leave you feeling guilty then what benefit are you getting from it? Savour the taste of what you’re eating and allow it to bring you joy. Don’t beat yourself up if it wasn’t the most nutritionally balanced choice, but make sure you’re getting emotional nourishment from enjoying it with friends or while watching your favourite box set.

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