Easy Working from Home Lunch Ideas


Working from home for months on end has left many of us lacking in inspiration in the lunchtime department.

It can be too easy to skip lunch or just eat the same thing (toast) every single day because we're too busy to prioritise this as one of our main meals.

My top tips for eating a healthy, filling lunch include:

  1. Prioritise lunch as one of your three meals a day - it should be filling to see you through the afternoon.
  2. Use leftovers wherever possible - when you're cooking dinner think to yourself 'is there anything that I can make double of for lunch tomorrow?'
  3. Get into the habit of eating lunch and giving yourself a lunch break - it's important to step away from your screens and get a meal down you!
  4. Always have high protein foods like eggs, avocados, cooked salmon or chicken available so you can throw together a filling lunch quickly.

For more tips and two great recipes demonstrations, watch the video above and download my free LOCKDOWN LUNCHES EBOOK HERE.



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