My 3 hacks for avoiding the holiday bloat

Tell me if you’re familiar with this picture?

You spend weeks slimming down for your holiday, avoiding all the carbs, upping your gym sessions, picturing yourself in that bikini and keeping your eye on the prize. 

“I WILL be thin for my holiday, I WILL be thin for my holiday”

Off you go, suitcase packed, bikini and all, and you’re feeling pretty good about yourself. The hard work paid off, you’re feeling hot in your swimwear, you don’t have to suck your stomach in *too* much and, as long you don’t actually sit down, you’re fairly chuffed with your pre-holiday efforts.

You’ve also completely convinced yourself that you are going STAY thin all holiday.

Fast forward two weeks….

You’ve eaten your weight in the breakfast buffet, drunk your weight in poolside daquiris and are coming home wearing a moo-moo that feels ‘snug’.  ​And now you have to start all over again, but because you don’t have a holiday to look forward to, what’s the point?

On goes the weight you lost before your holiday, plus a little extra, and frankly it’s nearly Christmas, so you might as well just wait and diet again in January.

Not what you had in mind, right?

You need my 3 holiday hacks for avoiding this situation altogether. 

1) Steer clear of the breakfast bread buffet

It is very tempting to be presented with 3 different types of croissant at breakfast, I get it. But would you eat 3 types of croissant at home? I’m guessing not. Breeze straight past the baskets of bloat and head for the protein counter instead. A great holiday breakfast is the continental option – a nice omelette, some lovely jamon serrano, fruit with plain yoghurt. 

This was my exact breakfast every day on my recent holiday to Ibiza:

  • ​Started with some fresh fruit – watermelon, pineapple, cherries, melon with a few seeds sprinkled over the top. 
  • Moved on to the hot breakfast – a bit of scrambled egg, cooked mushrooms, and some jamon or chorizo. 
  • Almond milk latte (I was very lucky the hotel had almond milk and were happy to make me a latte with it every morning!)

this was actually from a different holiday, not the Ibiza one, but you get the idea of what I tend to go for! 

Honestly that was enough to keep me going until lunchtime and I didn’t feel like a blimp before the holiday had even got underway​!

2) Sample the local seafood

If you’re going to the Med, chances are you’ll come across a seafood restaurant. The fish will be so fresh and is an amazing source protein, low in calories and high in nutrients like zinc and B vitamins. It’s also really filling so you won’t find yourself needing a dessert! Team with a gorgeous fresh salad. Check out the beautiful seafood we sampled on holiday.

3) Stick to spritzers

​​Ok, so this probably isn’t the best ​advice coming from a nutritionist, but let’s face it, everyone loves a drink on holiday! Now I’m the first to get on the cocktails the minute the clock strikes 12 (pm!) but they are more than likely a significant source of sugar so you might want to go easy on those. My drink of choice for a lazy lunch is a rosé​ spritzer. Fill a wine glass with ice, rosé​ and fizzy water. You’re getting a good dose of hydration and less wine than you’d normally drink if you were having it neat. Just don’t order the second bottle! 

Oops, nearly all gone!

Wherever you’re going this summer, I hope you have a fabulous time and come back refreshed, relaxed and glowing with health. 


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