My 5 top tips for looking fabulous in a bikini

Going on holiday soon? Having a little panic about exposing your flesh in a bikini? Don’t worry! There’s still time to lose a few pounds without having to resort to the cabbage soup diet, which frankly, no-one wants you to go on. Just follow these 5 easy steps for two weeks and you’ll feel fit and fabulous whether you’re stepping out on Nikki Beach or Newquay Beach:

1) Drink a mug of fresh lemon in hot water upon rising every morning – this kick-starts your metabolism and gives your liver a detoxifying boost.

2) Start the day with  a protein-rich breakfast such as scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, natural yoghurt (doesn’t need to be low-fat) with 2 tbsp of mixed seeds and a small handful of berries, or a continental-style breakfast of ham/cheese and veggies.

3) Eliminate all sugars and refined carbohydrates – that means all your fizzy drinks, sugar added to foods/drinks, cakes, biscuits, muffins, croissants, sweets, chocolate (it’s only 2 weeks), as well as white pasta/rice/bread. This does not mean NO carbs, it just means the right kinds of carbs. The ‘slow-release’ ones like brown rice, oats, quinoa, rye/spelt/sourdough bread, legumes and vegetables which keep your blood sugar levels steady and helps to avoid those unwanted cravings.

4) Drink 2 cups of green tea a day – green tea increases your metabolism and encourages fat-burning, it also helps to regulate glucose levels which reduces fat storage. And it’s also anti-ageing. (be aware that green tea does contain caffeine so do not drink it late at night)

5) Get off that bum that you’re trying to squeeze into those bikini bottoms and do some exercise! Doesn’t matter what it is, brisk walking, swimming, dancing, jogging, rebounding, yoga, a workout DVD (and do the exercises, don’t just sit and watch it with a bumper bag of Maltesers, laughing). Do something that gets your heart pumping for at least 20 minutes every day in order to burn fat.

Just follow these steps for 2 weeks or longer before you go away, alongside eating plenty of fresh vegetables and lean proteins, and drinking lots of water, and you really will feel trimmer, slimmer, more energised and ready to take on the pool party with the best of them (just don’t be the embarrassing mum at the teenage kids’ club)

And have a fabulous holiday, wherever you are going.



photo credit: ryankozie via photopin cc


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