Quick sugar-free snack

Looking for a quick and easy, carbohydrate and sugar-free snack?

Try this for a tasty mid-afternoon sugar-free snack:

Take a stick or two of celery and fill them with some almond butter. The protein and the healthy fats in the almonds will fill you up for longer than a sugar-laden biccie. High sugar snacks only provide very instant gratification and usually leave you hankering for something else 5 minutes later.

Snacking helps to keep your blood sugar levels more stable which helps with energy, weight loss and headaches. Just be sure to include a good source of protein will all your snacks, such as nut butter, houmous, avocado or seeds. Combine these with some vegetables instead of a carb-based cracker and you’ve also got yourself a grain-free, paleo friendly snack!


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