Reducing the amount of sugar you drink

One of the easiest ways of cutting down on the amount of sugar you consume is looking at how much is in your drinks. Because some drinks contain such massive amounts of sugar, limiting your intake of these will go a long way to reducing your overall sugar load. I’ll be looking at fizzy drinks, added sugar to tea/coffee, juice and squash.

1) Fizzy drinks:

With about 8 teaspoons of sugar in a regular can of Coke these really need to be the first drinks to go, especially if you are drinking these every day, several times a day.

  • My advice would be to stop buying fizzy drinks in your supermarket shop so that they are not in the house, and if you have to have one, limit your consumption to when you are out in a restaurant.
  • PLEASE do not switch to ‘diet’ versions. If you think this is healthy alternative, it’s not!

2) Tea and coffee:

If you add sugar to tea or coffee, the simplest thing to do is to stop! You might need to reduce the sugar gradually so that you get used to the taste, but your taste buds will adjust. IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN DO IT!!! There are also lots of delicious herbal teas that you can try instead of your builder’s brew and not just boring chamomile or peppermint. Try some of the Pukka teas or even some lemon in hot water for a stimulating liver boost.

3) Juice:

Just because juice is made of fruit, does not make it a healthy drink. The lack of fibre in fruit juice means that it is absorbed into the bloodstream almost immediately and the body just cannot utilize that amount of sugar for energy that quickly and so it gets stored as fat. Most manufactured juices have been pasteurised to make them last longer which reduces nutrient content even further. There is no way that juice should count as one of your ‘five a day’. If you love juice, buy a juicer and make your own, but be sure to include plenty of vegetables and not just fruit. Or make smoothies which include the whole fruit. The Juicemaster is the man you need to get you into juicing, especially if you fancy a juice detox. Or for shop-bought fruit juice, dilute, dilute, dilute! Especially for children.

4) Squash:

Just look at the label of your favourite brand of orange squash and read the ingredients. Not only does it contain sugar, but it ALSO has aspartame in and whole host of other preservatives and colourings. And I feel the same way about ‘No added sugar’ squash as I do about ‘diet’ drinks. Don’t go there! Rocks do organic squash, which of course still has sugar in, but none of the other nasties. If you do have to drink squash, heavily dilute it, and have a protein snack such as handful of almonds or some carrots with houmous alongside it.

Obviously the healthiest drink to have is water (filtered), but I can understand that some people find this a bit dull. Add some slices of lemon or lime to the water, or some sprigs of mint for a refreshing alternative. Once you wean yourself off all the high-sugar drinks, your tastebuds will return and you will enjoy plain water!

Hope you’ve enjoyed these tips. Check back soon for more sugar-reducing ideas.



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