Summer Smoothie Recipes

Continuing on with my Weekly Wellbeing series, today I am excited to share with you two of my favourite smoothie recipes, and you can watch along as I make them in my kitchen!

Smoothies can have something of a bad reputation, particularly in dieting circles. They can be thought of as no good. That they are too high in sugar and the blended fruit is going to make you gain weight.

Well, not the smoothies I make! I love smoothies and have been drinking them for years and we have loads of delicious recipes in my online membership club Nourished 365. My recipes are full of nutritious ingredients including good quality protein and healthy fats so they fill you up, keep you going, and don’t spike your blood sugar (helping to avoid cravings later on).

Smoothies are great for quick breakfasts. If you like you can also combine them with another snack like a hard-boiled egg or sourdough and peanut butter to make it a really filling meal. Equally they work well as a mid-afternoon snack to help you avoid that 4pm craving slump.

You will need a blender to make your smoothie. I am lucky enough to have a Vitamix but you don’t have to make such an investment. NutriBullet or Nutri Ninjas are other good brands but any blender will do. You could also use a hand held blender although it might not cope so well with chunky nuts or frozen fruits.


I love this smoothie as it’s not too sweet. If you’re used to really fruity smoothies that spike your blood sugar (which we don’t want), it might take a little getting used to but I find this a great way to start the day!

You can find all of the ingredients in the PDF download. Below is some additional information about the ingredients I use.

Hemp Seeds

You can add an additional boost of protein and omega 3 by adding shelled hemp seeds (or hemp hearts). I use a brand called Creative Nature which you can buy from supermarkets, health food shops or online. Make sure you get shelled hemp seeds otherwise they are going to be crispy and difficult to eat. You could use pumpkin seeds, cashew nuts, almonds, or anything in the form of nuts or seeds.

Frozen fruit

This recipe uses pineapple. You can use fresh or frozen but I find frozen so convenient for smoothies and as it’s cold, you don’t need to add ice.


This recipe is one I have most often – it fills me up and is super tasty!

You can find all of the ingredients in the PDF download. Below is some additional information about the ingredients I use.

Chocolate protein powder

Some people can be put off the protein powders as they associate them with body building, and for women it can be a worry they are going to bulk up, but not all protein powders are equal. Whey-based Maximuscle type protein powders are packed with additives and sweeteners. I prefer plant-based protein powders which are kinder on your digestive system and don’t have additives and fillers. 

I use Nuzest Clean Lean Protein (made from pea protein). 2 scoops per serving will give you 19g of protein helping to keep you full. Other good brands are Sunwarrior, Pulsin and Purition

Almond butter

I’m using a brand called Yumello. Other good brands are Meridian and Pip & Nut. You can use peanut butter instead, or if you don’t eat nuts you can get sunflower seed butter.

Almond milk

I’m using a brand called Plenish which has 6% almonds. Some of the more commercial brands only have 2% almonds and use additives so try to avoid these. Other good brands are Rude Health or Innocent.

I hope that’s inspired you to get out your blender and give them a go! You can download the recipes here.


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