The Kids Are Alright. Now How About You?

And breathe out! If, like me, you’re sitting in a eerily quiet house wondering what on earth to do with yourself (well, apart from the million things that need to be done) now that you’re not having to fill those days with activities, trips, snacks, picnics and the constant demand for your time and attention from your adorable little people, then how about taking 5 minutes to just breathe and re-group yourself?

The summer holidays have finally come to a close. For some that’s an enormous blessed relief, others might be missing the company of their cherubs already, some of you might have waved goodbye to your little darlings as they trotted off to school for the first time and are quietly sobbing in the corner of the playroom drinking gin out of a Peppa Pig beaker. Well, stop that at once.

However you are feeling about ‘Back to School’ it is the perfect opportunity to focus on yourself for a while after many endless weeks of focusing on others. Perhaps you’ve overindulged just slightly over the summer holidays and are feeling a little pinch as you hoiked yourself into your clothes this morning. And after all that hard work you did to get yourself into your bikini in the first place!

Why not take part in Shift the Sugar to get back on track? Or join the Secret Kitchen Club?

I will look at your health from top and toe and guide you to a healthier way of eating and living that will have you skipping out the front door in the mornings faster than you can say ‘half term’.

Now, I’m sure there’s a sock drawer that needs to be sorted somewhere.



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