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Nourished 365 is the monthly membership club that will revitalise, restore and re-energise you inside and out so you can have a balanced and healthy relationship with food.

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The doors are closed to my online community right now, while I help my newest members transform their relationship with food.


The food you eat has the power to make you feel AMAZING inside and out.

But it also has the power to make you feel guilty, out of control and full of self-loathing.

You deserve to feel happy and joyful around food, and no longer be controlled by it.

You've wasted too much time trying to figure out how to eat in a way that makes you feel good.

Just imagine how it would feel...

  To finally get control of your crippling cravings and your uncontrollable snacking habits.

 To remove all the guesswork and frustration around which foods do you good, and which foods don't.

 To stop counting points and calories or be permanently on or off a 'wagon', starting again every Monday.


This is all totally achievable. 

You KNOW that dieting has left you feeling deprived and unhappy, doubting yourself and feeling like a failure.

You KNOW there has to be another way but you're so tired of having to keep starting over, and failing.


It’s all very well KNOWING this stuff, but it’s quite another actually DOING anything about it (when you’re stressed, overwhelmed and lacking in motivation)

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Yes, you've already tried all the things but you CAN regain control of your eating habits in a way that feels gentle and achievable.

It is totally possible to...

Have a balanced and healthy relationship with food and get off the rollercoaster of dieting.

Nourish your body inside and out without feeling hungry and deprived all the time.

Look after your physical and emotional wellbeing without feeling guilty that you're putting yourself first.

Imagine feeling calmer, more in control and like you CAN do this.



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The monthly membership where you will learn simple, achievable ways to consistently nourish your body and mind and feel happier around food.


Nourished 365 combines Nutrition AND Mindset - we teach you how to fuel your body so you're no longer ruled by your cravings and how to feed your mind with more positive beliefs.

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I love being in the membership as it does just what I hoped it would when I joined last September, it gives sound nutritional advice, tons of fab recipes, great support and it always wraps you up with a warm fuzzy feeling, keep up the excellent work Team Lauren!

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I joined in September and I have to say the odd occasion I have had a bit of chocolate, I have not enjoyed them - one bite was enough. I would sooner have a chocolate and courgette muffin, or a cacao and orange energy ball - seriously! Who’d have thought it three months ago!

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This is absolutely NOT a diet!

This is not a weight loss plan, restrictive diet or a cookie-cutter, ‘one size fits all’ approach to your relationship with food.

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We focus on nourishment

No calorie-counting, macro-tracking or weighing yourself or your food.  You can finally do away with all that restriction.

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We create healthy habits

Focusing on consistent, daily actions will reduce overwhelm and promote a more nourishing relationship with yourself and food

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We've Got You 

You won’t be left to fend for yourself or figure it all out on your own. We're all in the same boat, navigating it together.

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Get hands-on expert guidance

from Lauren (Nutritional Therapist and Mindset Coach) and her team to help you take action every single day towards your nourisehment.

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Real support from real people

(not an impersonal app) who are on the same journey as you, with absolutely no comparison, shame or judgement.

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Inside the membership we take a whole and complete approach to your wellbeing.

Because you’re a whole and complete person!

Nourishment is not JUST about what you eat and drink, how you move your body or take care of yourself.


It’s all of those things intertwined together.


In order to navigate our busy and often stressful lifestyles, you need to be nourishing yourself in the ALL areas of your body and mind.

Get access to all this amazingness in our private online members' area!

The doors are closed to my online community right now, while I help my newest members transform their relationship with food.

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The membership gives you the tools and resources to help you change your relationship with food, and the community and support to ensure you get there.

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Meal Plans & Recipes

Each month we release a brand new meal plan with shopping list & prep guide, so you are NEVER without a fabulous choice of nourishing foods to fuel your body with.

We have separate vegetarian plans, tons of vegan options, recipes are gluten free, low dairy and easy to prepare.

Access to 50+ meal plans and 600+ recipes - ZERO excuses for running out of inspiration in the kitchen!

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Monthly Workshops

Each month we bring you a brand new workshop or masterclass delivered by Lauren or a guest expert.

These sessions are designed to educate, motivate or inspire you in nutrition, mindset or self-care

Previous classes have included nutrition strategies for Thyroid, Menopause health and Anxiety, Goal-Setting, Hand Reflexology and Breathwork & Meditation.


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Private Community

Being surrounded by like-minded women who understand you, and who support you - absolutely judgement-free - is one of the KEYS to making change and progress in your life.

You will get daily motivation that moves you closer to your goals, you will get all your questions answered in our live Q&A sessions.

(There is also the option to join a 'Buddy Group' - a smaller, more intimate group of members for regular accountability)

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Live Cookalongs

Each month Lauren cooks one of the recipes from the latest meal plan live from her kitchen. You can cook along, or watch it later in your own time.

Recipes are always simple, delicious and healthy and use readily available ingredients.


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Let's Get Nourished

Our  30-day Welcome Programme 'Let's Get Nourished' will guide you through your first month step-by-step with short videos that introduce our philosophy and get you taking achievable action steps to set you up, without overwhelm. 

You'll enjoy our Club Classics (essential recipes all members need to know about) and a Welcome Bingo to keep you on track.

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Searchable Recipe Index

Our Recipe Index has been completely redesigned! 

You can now find over 600 of our recipes indexed and searchable by ingredient, as well as categorised by meal so you can either search for something specific or have a browse if you're just looking for inspiration.

This upgrade has been a game changer for our members. "It’s fabulous! Meal Planning has just got so much quicker and easier." says Mandy, one of our members.

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OMG today I had the biggest break through, I did shift the sugar a while back and then joined the club. It really suits me to follow a meal plan and has turned me into a real cook… I can see a future where I don’t constantly beat myself up and I’ll have a good relationship with food and actually enjoy it!

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Well, I don’t know if it is just a coincidence, but just had results from a blood test to check my thyroid levels, I have an underactive thyroid, but my dosage can now be reduced. The only difference is in my lifestyle, starting this group!

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Feeling good and organised this Monday morning! As I reflect back on these 3.5 months of membership I can say I have come a long way and now feel I have my breakfasts and most lunchtimes sorted (which was my goal) thanks to this club!

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The doors are closed to my online community right now, while I help my newest members transform their relationship with food.


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