Dump the Diet


Break up with your diet this decade and start a new relationship with food

Starts 20th January 2020


It's time for a new relationship with food in 2020

Your on/off relationship with food and dieting is SO LAST DECADE! Let's start 2020 feeling happy, loved and nourished around food.

Dieting and deprivation is keeping you hooked on sugar, craving foods round the clock and feeling guilty about every mouthful you eat.

You deserve better.

The Dump the Diet Five Day Challenge will help you discover a totally new way to approach your relationship with food. Slimming clubs and restrictive diet plans do not have your best interests at heart and are not sustainable long term.

 Let's dump that toxic relationship and start something more nourishing instead.

5 Day Meal Plan

All the thinking and hard work has been done for you. No more worrying about what you 'can' and 'can't' eat. This meal plan and shopping list is packed full of nourishing goodness that will curb your cravings and boost your energy.

Live Training

Daily live training to help you understand how dieting keeps you stuck in its endless cycle and how to break out of it. Understand what it really means to put your nourishment first, and begin a relationship with food that makes you feel happy and healthy.

Supportive community

Our Facebook community is the hub of the challenge where you will get support and accountability from myself and hundreds of other women on a quest to quit their diets. You're never alone and there's always a friendly face to guide you when you feel stuck.

Your new relationship with food begins on 20th January 2020

Over the 5 days you'll discover:

  • How the cycle of dieting keeps you stuck in its loop
  • The "cycle-breakers" that you can implement right away to start thinking differently about your relationship with food
  • Foods which are making your sugar cravings worse, and what to swap them for
  • The sustainable strategy to eating that will stop you from ever dieting again
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What people have said about Lauren's previous challenges

Lauren Gayfer - Nutritional Therapist & Founder of You are Nourished and Nourished 365

I'm so delighted you've decided to sign up for the Dump the Diet 5 Day Challenge!

I have helped thousands of women to reduce their sugar cravings and ditch their diets with my challenges, coaching and inside my members' club.

I'm obsessed with helping women to never diet again. I believe passionately that food is at the heart of our physical and emotional nourishment, and that it should bring us joy. 

I'm also a little bit obsessed with green smoothies, and regularly on the hunt for the perfect G&T (#mumgoals)

Lauren x

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Is the £5 a one-off payment?

Yes it's a one time only payment with no further subscriptions or fees.

How many people does the meal plan serve?

The recipes and shopping list are for TWO PEOPLE.

Is it suitable for vegetarians/vegans?

Yes! There are vegetarian and vegan recipes and alternatives.

Do I have to count any points or calories?

Certainly not! This is a points-free zone, and no calorie counting either! The focus is on whole, unprocessed foods that allow your body to work properly and on removing the foods which are keeping you hooked on sugar.

Will I lose weight on this plan?

It is not a 'weight loss' plan. I will be encouraging you to track other measures of health and happiness aside from the numbers on a scale. The main changes are more energy and not craving sugar any more! 

Can my children do this plan?

All of the foods in the meal plan are 100% suitable for children however you may need to introduce them to some of the flavours and textures a little more gradually if they are used to eating processed foods and quite a bit of sugar. 

Is it very time consuming?

Eating whole foods and cooking from scratch does take a bit more time than grabbing a processed meal or snack. But the prep instructions are designed to SAVE you time during the week!

Can I get my money my back if I don't complete the challenge?

Unfortunately not. At such a low price, the value of the meal plan alone is well over £5.


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