Eliminate your sugar cravings with ease
in just 5 days

The current live round of Shift the Sugar is now closed. Check back again soon!

"I can hand on heart say it’s been a fabulous, amazing, transforming week! I’m 52, stressed and menopausal. My ‘go to’ rescue is chocolate and wine. This plan has been structured to support and encourage us to take back control. I’ve not only survived a whole week without my ‘go to’ demons, I have thrived! I feel so good and so motivated! 


How do you like the sound of:

• Having the energy to get through the day 

• Making it to dinnertime without inhaling the biscuit tin  

• Eating sugar-free foods which taste great and make you feel amazing  

• Losing a bit of midriff bloat

"I’ve always wanted someone to make me a meal plan and make my life easier and then I found you. And just love your recipes and totally agree with everything you say. Thank you so very much I’m feeling so much better."

Over the 5 days you will receive:

Daily Emails & Videos

Learn the 5 simple steps to eliminate your cravings with ease. Get daily training that will guarantee your success

Private Facebook Group

Daily accountability and motivation plus live Q&A and access to incredible support from myself and other challengers

Meal Plan & Recipes

Detailed 5 day make-ahead meal plan with food guide, shopping list and  delicious, sugar-free recipes that focus on beating cravings!

"I’m loving everything about this plan, I feel less bloated, have had no indigestion, and generally feel better. Loving Lauren’s honest approach and very much appreciate all her help and knowledge."

During this 5 day programme you will learn:

• Which foods and drinks are sending your cravings sky-high

• How to stop the sugar cravings rollercoaster

• Which habits are keeping you hooked on sugar, and craving carbs

• How to cook delicious, nourishing sugar-free meals that leave you feeling fabulous

The current live round of Shift the Sugar is now closed. Check back again soon!

About your challenge host

Lauren Gayfer is a qualified nutritional therapist with a passion for the healing powers of wholesome foods and helping women transform from tired, bloated and sugar-addicted to energised, vibrant and free from cravings.

Lauren Gayfer


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