Simple Tools To Stop Emotional Eating

May 25, 2022

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We have been brought up to associate food with comfort. Whether you were soothed with ice cream after falling off your bike or given a piece of cake to cheer you up after falling out with a friend… food was used to make us feel better. Typically, emotions weren’t something we were taught to deal with and instead, food was used to distract us from the root cause. So, it’s no wonder that as adults, we rely on the same tools to help us cope with bad days at work or having an argument with a family member.

Today I am delving into what emotional eating is and why we do it. I want to dig a little deeper into understanding why so many of us are stuck in this cycle of self-blame. In this episode, I’ll share some actionable tips to help you find better ways to deal with your emotions.


“If we do not have an outlet for our emotions, then we are going to seek that out from food.” 

- Lauren Gayfer


In This Episode:

  • Find out what emotional eating is.
  • Understand why we emotionally eat.
  • Realise that emotional eating is common, and blaming yourself doesn’t help.
  • Discover my 3 top tips to help you deal with emotional eating.
  • Start uncovering your own reasons for emotional eating.
  • Discover tools you can use to express and deal with emotions in a healthier way.


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