Hi, I'm Lauren

A qualified nutritionist and mindset coach.

I’m on a mission to liberate women from the constraints of restrictive eating, so they’re free to enjoy food (and their life) again.

You’ve tried so hard to eat healthily. To manage your weight and wellness by carefully controlling your diet.

And yet here you are, feeling rubbish inside and out, trapped in a never ending cycle of planning, counting, weighing (yourself and the portions), beating yourself up every time you eat something delicious yet forbidden, promising yourself you’ll start over on Monday. 

Can you remember a time when planning, obsessing and worrying about food didn’t dominate your day? Your mind? Your life?


How to re-nourish your body after calorie restriction and break the pattern of yo-yo dieting. With 9 free recipes!

Nourished 365

Say goodbye to dieting, for good. 

Join my online community of diet rebels and food-lovers and:

  • Have a balanced and happy relationship with food and end the unsustainable cycle of yo-yo dieting.
  • Nourish your body and mind without feeling hungry and deprived, or giving up the foods you love.
  • Take care of your emotional wellbeing without feeling guilty that you're putting yourself first.

No more starting again every Monday. No more guilt for enjoying all the foods you love.


3 Things I Need You To Know Right Now

Don’t just read them. Know them. Read them and let them settle in your mind, and you’ll have begun your new relationship with food.


1 - Your Self-Worth is not measured by a number.

The number on your scales, the number of calories you eat, the number of naughty foods you eat, your average daily number of fruit and veg, the number of glasses of water you consume…..no number reflects the immeasurable value of you as a person. Stop counting.


2 - Your Good Work Cannot Be Undone

You’re not a row of knitting. Your ‘good work’ cannot be undone. Biscuits. Wine. Chocolate. They do not undo the positive benefits of the delicious nutritious food you enjoyed up to that point. You never need to start over. You start from where you are right now. No deficit to make up. No food sins to atone for.


3 - There Are No Forbidden Foods

Deprivation leads to craving, which leads to bingeing, which leads to guilt and shame, which leads to impossible-to-keep promises of doing better next time, which leads to deprivation….. The first step to breaking the cycle is to accept that no food is forbidden, and it’s safe for you to listen to what your body wants.

You Are Nourished Podcast

Get ready for your weekly dose of real talk around ditching diets for good!

The You Are Nourished podcast is for women who are tired of feeling trapped in a never ending cycle of dieting.

The mission of this show is to liberate you from the constraints of restrictive eating, so you are free to enjoy food and your life again. Say goodbye to weighing, measuring and counting forever!


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