Restrictive food rules are ruining your life

(and your body and your mind….your soul probably isn’t too happy about it either)!


Have you ever struggled to relax on holiday because the tempting cocktails, irresistible ice creams and delicious local dishes are forbidden by your current eating regime?

Have you ever spent a birthday party anxiously looking at the cake because you’ll be expected to eat a piece but you don’t want to use up your naughty allowance?

Have you ever thought you’d do much better on your food programme if only life didn’t keep getting in the way?

Life isn’t getting in the way of your diet!

Life is…’s your life! It’s there to be lived. To be enjoyed. The food you eat should facilitate that, not restrict, control and dominate it!


Your life isn't ruining your diet.


Your diet is ruining your life.

Restrictive eating is ruining your life (and your physical and mental health).

I left my media career and retrained as a nutritional therapist, so I could improve my physical health through the food I ate, and help others do the same.

I tried Keto. I tried Paleo. Because they sounded so healthy.

But they’re both restrictive diets (just like counting points, calories, ‘sin’ foods, or only eating particular food groups on certain days).

The physical benefits of the nutritious food I ate on these diets did not outweigh the mental load of sticking to the regime, and the barrage of mental abuse I tortured myself with whenever I ate something bad or forbidden.

I planned, shopped and prepped so carefully. But I craved foods that were forbidden, and eventually I cracked and ate them. The guilt and shame kicked in before I’d even had a chance to enjoy my treat. 

I could not stick to a restrictive diet and enjoy life at the same time.

So when I set up my membership community, Nourished 365, my focus was on rediscovering a joy for food, and noticing how food makes us feel, rather than sticking to some rigid programme.

And to compliment my Nutritional Therapy Diploma, I recently completed a Mindset and NLP Coaching Certification.

Because our wonky relationship with food can’t be fixed with nutrition education alone.

It’s about mental conditioning.

We’ve been conditioned with messages about food since the day we were born.

And what a mixed up, muddled mush of messages we’ve been fed.

Had a difficult day? Treat yourself to a cake. 

Want pudding? Eat everything that’s on your plate.

Been a good girl? Pick a sweetie.

Because food is your reward, your punishment, your comfort. 

And then puberty kicks in and the messages change…..

Control what you eat so you can look good.

Control what you eat so you can be healthy.

You’ll feel better when you’re thinner.

Eat less.

Want to be a good girl? Don’t eat the sweeties.

If you’ve spent decades agonizing about what you eat, you are not alone in that. 

“By the time they’re 7 years old, one in four children has engaged in some kind of dieting behavior.”

- Common Sense Media Report On Teens, Media and Body Image

We can’t reclaim the time you’ve wasted beating yourself up for eating the wrong thing, and denying yourself the foods you enjoy.

But you can reclaim your relationship with food so you feel nourished - in your body, mind, and self.

My approach to eating isn’t about weighing, measuring and counting.

I don’t care about the numbers on your scales. 

When my clients and members tell me about reducing their blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure - those are the numbers I can get behind and celebrate.

But mostly I care about how much you are enjoying your food, your body and your life.


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