Exclusive Bumper Recipe Bundle

 Simple, nourishing recipes that reduce cravings, save time and prevent mindless snacking


Grab an exclusive collection of our most popular meal plans and recipe ebooks to manage your cravings and reduce the mental load around what to eat.

You know you want to eat more nourishing foods but sometimes figuring out where to begin feels too overwhelming.

You're tired of jumping around from diet to diet, failing at every turn and ending up feeling worse each time.

You know that nourishing your body is the way forward but often feel confused about what's healthy and what's not - especially as most diet plans out there equate 'healthy' with 'low fat' or cutting out entire food groups.


Look no further!


I created this BUMPER BUNDLE OF BUNDLES just for you...so you can eat well, feel well and never need to go on another diet!


Simple Family Meals

An ebook of 25 delicious, nourishing recipes that the whole family will love, saving you time, effort and stress in the kitchen.

Packed with simple one-pan suppers to reduce washing-up time, 10-minute lunches for easy midday meals and healthy kids' snacks

Real Food Real Fast

When you're rushing around, but still want to nourish yourself and not rely on convenience foods, this 7-day meal plan has it all. 

A convenient shopping list and prep guide to reduce stress, prep-ahead dishes to eliminate overwhelm & super speedy snacks to manage craving.


5-Day Challenge Meal Plan

Some of my most popular meal plans came from my 5-Day Challenges. These recipes will keep you full all day and your cravings at bay, whilst delivering taste sensations!

Home to some of our club's most-loved recipes like the Chicken Satay Salad, Coconut Brownie Bites and Prawn & Mango Curry (all with veggie options)


Exclusive Bumper Recipe Bundle

Just £25

  • Simple one-pan dinners to save time prepping meals and washing dishes, like One Pot Taco Pasta or Sweet Potato Noodles with Veggies
  • Quick and simple dinners like Creamy Edamame & Mushroom Pasta or Veggie Pitta Pizza
  • Breakfast options that store well so you can prep ahead like Cinnamon Oatmeal Pancakes or Blueberry Waffles
  • 10-minute healthy, filling, time-saving lunches like Chopped Salad Pittas and Chickpea & Avocado Sandwiches
  • Fun and tasty snacks like Strawberry Oatmeal Muffins or Crunchy Yoghurt Clusters
  • Ingredient options with tons of substitutions in case you don't have the right ingredients
  • Storage guides so you can easily see which meals can be batch cooked and frozen, saving you from having to cook again another day!
  • And in this triple collection, there are two meal plans with shopping lists so all of the planning is done for you!

Total value: £75

Today's price: just £25