How to stop fearing full-fat foods

Jun 01, 2022

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Fat is a really complex subject, yet we have been told all fats are the same and they are all bad. So we’ve ended up fearing whole, natural, healthy fats found in avocados, nuts and seeds, while happily eating highly processed, low-fat foods. However, these processed foods contain saturated and trans fats that increase our risk of certain illnesses and are usually full of sugar too! Not all fats are the same, and by excluding healthy fats, we are robbing our bodies of essential nutrients that we can’t get elsewhere.

Today I want to talk about the different types of fats out there and the different effects they have on the body. In this episode, I share some simple ways you can introduce more healthy fats into your meals as part of a healthy diet.


“Fats actually help to reduce cravings because they're satisfying.” 

- Lauren Gayfer 

In This Episode:

  • Discover the history of why the low-fat movement began and why it was flawed.
  • Learn how fats in low-fat foods have been replaced with sugar, leading to an obesity epidemic.
  • Learn about the different types of fats and what they do in the body.
  • Understand that removing all fat from our diets can lead to deficiencies.
  • Appreciate that full-fat foods fill us up and help us avoid cravings.
  • Find out some simple ways to include more full-fat foods in your diet.


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