Ready to break the cycle of dieting so you can feel consistently nourished in your forties and beyond without jumping from failed diet to failed diet?

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The Nourished Collective


The Nourished Collective is a revolutionary  community and membership for women over 40 that will help you say goodbye to restrictive diets, learn how to nourish yourself consistently and enjoy a healthy relationship with food and your body.


If you are tired of starting (and failing) diet after diet and feeling overwhelmed with how to take care of yourself at this stage of life and you're thinking “I wish I could stop the endless cycle of dieting and guilt around food and find something I can stick to” - this is for you.


Helena B.

"After decades of extreme dieting I now feel comfortable around food.
The scales are gone and dieting is now against my religion! I am finally learning to respect my body!
I even enjoy exercise, or movement as I call it now, and I never ever thought that would happen.Why did I spend so much time stressing over it all?"


If you were able to stick to a diet long-term, you’d have done it by now.


The fact is: restrictive diets are robbing you of life’s pleasures and are responsible for your terrible relationship with food.

In fact, breaking up with dieting and restriction to focus on consistent nourishment is THE answer to finding a more sustainable and joyful relationship with food and your body in your forties and beyond.

  • Having a foundation of good nutrition (without the calorie obsession) is far more likely to help you achieve a stable weight than the constant yo-yoing up and down.
  • Prioritising your physical and mental wellbeing is significantly more beneficial to your health in your forties and beyond than continuing to berate yourself for not being able to stick to a rigid diet or exercise plan.
  • Being surrounded by a fierce community of other women in your lifestage who are also travelling on the path away from diet culture will make you 247% more likely to succeed*

All of these things combined mean you can LOVE the food you eat AND how you feel about yourself 😍

* figures might be made up for illustrative purposes!

BUT... the constant struggle you have with food and your body feels like an uphill climb.

Right now, you might be feeling really overwhelmed. You’re trying all the things to be as healthy as you can in midlife (which includes trying to get control of your weight), but it’s a daily battle between ‘being good’ and the biscuit tin.


  • You might be stuck with an all or nothing mindset when it comes to food - you’re either allll in, or completely off the rails.
  • You might be experiencing extreme confusion over what diet you should even be following as you’ve literally done them all.  
  • And really wanting to find something you can actually stick to but being unable to do that because of all the confusion and overwhelm. 

And all this? 

Has probably got you feeling completely deflated. 

And not achieving your goals for your health and wellbeing like you want. 

Or even worse? Feeling you’ll just never get a hold of your eating habits and you’ll be stuck on this dieting rollercoaster forever 🤦🏼‍♀️.


What if you could leave your dieting days behind you forever PLUS discover a way to nourish yourself in midlife that feels easy, joyful and sustainable?


I KNOW you’ve tried so hard for so long to stick to a diet plan, and you keep going back to the ones that have ‘worked’ in the past. But it’s getting harder, and you’re feeling more dejected than ever. 


You want to take care of yourself in your forties and beyond, but you’re fed up with following plans you need an engineering degree for and that make you miss out on fun stuff because your diet doesn’t allow it.


This is exactly why I have taken my 20 years experience in nutrition and women’s wellbeing (as well as my own personal experiences as a 40+ mum of teens) and infused this into a SIGNATURE method that can help you break the cycle of dieting and TRANSFORM your relationship with food for good.


My simple, non-diet approach to nutrition and wellness for women over 40 will help you achieve that elusive consistency you’ve been craving so that you can stop wasting your precious time and hard-earned money on stupid diets that don’t work.


Breaking the cycle of dieting in your forties and beyond FEELS SO HARD because we are surrounded by diet culture everywhere we go AND we've been conditioned to believe that diets work and we're the problem.


Neither of those things are true. 


This is why we NEED a dedicated non-diet community where we can unravel decades of dieting failures together and start focusing on feeling successful.


Here are the key elements that make The Nourished Collective THE place for women over forty who are waving diets goodbye.

A private platform OFF social media

The Nourished Collective is housed in a dedicated ad-free app (OFF Facebook) so you can feel safe in the knowledge that no toxic diet culture groups, messaging or advertising will show up here.

A welcoming community of women over 40

Not that we discriminate against younger women (we were them once!) but the fact is, things change when you hit 40+ and we need to be around other people that GET us and understand our challenges.

The Path to Sustainable Nourishment

You will follow our proprietary non-diet approach to women's wellness in midlife. This has been developed over years of working with women to help them nourish themselves joyfully, without ever tracking a calorie.

I have taken all my expertise and experience and poured it into the Nourished Collective so that YOU can cultivate a healthy relationship with food and your body in midlife and beyond, without feeling overwhelmed or guilty about your choices.

Imagine how it will feel...


😕 Waking up every morning with the constant promise that you’ll be ‘good’ today by avoiding all your favourite foods…

😕 Spending hours scrolling on social media looking at other people’s before and after photos and feeling terrible about yourself…

😕 Avoiding social occasions, meeting friends or restaurants because you're worried you'll overeat or your diet foods won't be available.


🎉 Starting your day looking forward to the food you’ll be eating without any guilt whatsoever.

😍 Popping on your favourite activewear and going for a nice long walk with a podcast, feeling grateful for your working body.

🥂 Enjoying going out with friends and eating in restaurants without checking the calories on the menu, and ordering what you fancy without feeling guilty.

If this sounds pretty damn fantastic then...


A membership for women over 40 who are disillusioned with diets, and are ready to discover how to nourish and nurture a healthy relationship with food and their body.


Check out what's inside The Nourished Collective 👇🏼

Private, supportive community of women just like you!


Say goodbye to overwhelming Facebook groups and diet clubs that fuel your insecurities.

We have curated a community of women who share your struggles, and we've housed our entire platform in a private app so you only see our content.

Our community will enable you to:

☑️ Connect with other women who are also quitting diets - if your family/social circle is really 'diet-heavy' it can feel quite isolating to reject 'the norm'. But we've got you!

☑️ Obtain support from Lauren and the community whenever you need it.

☑️ Get inspiration and motivation to keep going with your goals.

☑️ Hang out in a distraction-free zone, away from constant diet ads.

☑️ Share your successes and your challenges in a safe space where you feel completely understood.

The Paths to Sustainable Nourishment:


☑️ Our signature non-diet approach to breaking the cycle of dieting and prioritising your wellbeing in midlife and beyond.

☑️ Discover the 3 core pathways that will help you build habits around health-promoting behaviours (not failed diet after failed diet).

☑️ Forget about calorie counting and restriction and discover sustainable nourishment instead.

☑️ We implement the Paths to Sustainable Nourishment month after month with dedicated Themes all built around helping you make progress, bit by bit.


The Nourished Collective Monthly Themes: 


Each month we release a brand new theme that the community participates in together - we are always following the Paths to Sustainable Nourishment.

The monthly content includes:

☑️ Weekly bite-size audio lessons with a simple action to focus on that week.

☑️ A live monthly workshop that teaches you the foundations of that month's monthly theme.

☑️ Live Support/Q&A Calls where you can ask questions and obtain support.

☑️ A recipe ebook of nutritious meals to ensure you are nourished and satisfied.


Bite-size, on-the-go learning


The online learning landscape has changed and evolved and we are evolving with it.

Having taught (and learnt) in the online space since 2016, I have seen huge changes in how people consume content and the overall insight is that a) we are overwhelmed and b) we have limited attention spans.

☑️ Content is delivered via short, easy-to-consume audio lessons.

☑️ This means you can implement quickly and make more progress.

☑️ No lengthy awkward Zoom calls!

☑️ Take us wherever you go with our handy app!

☑️ We are a FLUFF-FREE ZONE!


We are reasonably new membership (launched in March 2024) which means we are constantly polling our members to make sure we are delivering exactly what they need. You have the chance to shape the membership as it continues to evolve and grow.

Monthly Subscription


Cancel Anytime

  • Access to our dedicated community off social media.
  • Monthly Themes
  • Weekly audio trainings
  • Monthly Workshops
  • Live Support Sessions
  • New recipes monthly
  • Access to Recipe Vault
  • Access to Workshop Library

Annual Membership


Two Months Free

  • Access to our dedicated community off social media.
  • Monthly Themes
  • Weekly audio trainings
  • Monthly Workshops
  • Live Support Sessions
  • New recipes monthly
  • Access to Recipe Vault
  • Access to Workshop Library

Here's what past clients and members have to say about working together...

Maria K.

I'm in such a different place today. I have thrown away the scales. Yes, I still eat things that I enjoy but I also know what helps with my health and making me feel good. I also learnt that my body has a natural weight that it sticks to. This took a long time to accept but I got there.

So here's where I am now, eating without dieting, listening to my body, sleeping much better and feeling like a weight has been lifted.

Amanda M. 

I wish I had found Lauren earlier! I used to have an obsession with dieting and over-eating, often feeling awful and not happy with myself!
I now understand the importance of nourishing myself, and not calorie or fat counting!
I feel so much better and have also tackled my emotional eating. I now feel calmer around food, I nourish myself and feel satisfied, I still eat cake but I just have one piece - I never thought I would be like this!

Janet B.

I have learnt so much about myself and about how best take care of my health and wellbeing.

The sense of freedom I have had since I gave myself permission to stop dieting has been immense and I know [dieting] is not a path I want to follow.

It is great to focus on how to nourish myself both mentally and physically and I am so grateful for the support.

Michelle M.

I am so happy with the knowledge I've gained in last two years. I've learnt about about full fat foods and how to prepare delicious recipes. I have a healthier way of eating now and a good relationship with food. I've really changed my mindset.

So why am I the right person to help you transform your relationship with food?

Hi, I’m Lauren, a Nutritional Therapist, Intuitive Eating and Mindset Coach, and I’ve been helping women online and in-person for 15 years to take better care of themselves through food and lifestyle changes, without ever dieting.

After working closely with hundreds of women to help them transform their relationship with food - all while balancing my own wellbeing, family life and career - I’ve gained deep insights into the impact that dieting has on our physical and mental health and I’ve made it my mission to help women over 40 break this cycle of dieting and prioritise their nourishment in a way that is both achievable and sustainable. 

I understand that while we want to take better care of ourselves, we are often completely overwhelmed with our busy lives and the millions of different diet messages out there.

Seeing so many women struggle on all these diets and feel awful about themselves in the process, I knew I had a powerful combination of skills to create a space where women over 40 could learn how to nourish themselves, and stop feeling like a failure on diet after diet. 

This is why I created the Nourished Collective: a compassionate community for 40+ women where you will learn the tools for nourishing your body and mind every single day, without ever dieting.

I truly believe women in midlife are being under-served by the health community who only prey on our insecurities and offer unsustainable solutions for weight loss alone, pushing unrealistic body standards. We need more than this. We need a holistic, non-diet approach for our health and wellbeing that takes into account our changing needs as we age and offers a more complete approach to nourishment - not another cookie-cutter diet.

This is what I aim to bring you inside the Nourished Collective.

I’d be so thrilled to support you on your journey through midlife with the Nourished Collective and I’m excited to see the transformative impact it has on your relationship with food and yourself.

Some lovely words from previous members...

Yvonne K.

Finding Lauren  has truly changed my life! Although I was already eating healthily, I was constantly striving to achieve a certain size or number on the scales often denying myself or feeling guilty about eating what I perceived to be fattening foods. I've worked on changing my mindset around food, began to practice intuitive eating, discovered the joy of food freedom and finally ditched the diet mentality. 

I've discovered a new me and I love it, my only regret is that I didn't find Lauren earlier in my life but I'm thankful that at least I did find her before it was too late!

Cheryl C. 

After 40+ years going from one diet club to another I was tired, filled with negativity & unkind thoughts about myself & feeling like a complete failure. I discovered through Lauren that it wasn't my fault the diet industry survives because people like me continue to fail. I have learnt to listen to my body & understand what it needs. I now enjoy cooking nutritious food as well as a coffee & cake.

I'm using kinder words to myself and I choose exercise I love - I am in a far better place than a was a few years ago.

I just wish I had found you earlier!

Maxine D.

I was fed up with always being on a diet. I started to nourish my body and embrace food in a new light. I began enjoying foods that had always been banned by diet clubs. I was never taught that we need good fats. My weight has kept steady but it's more about how I feel in myself rather than numbers on the scales.

The benefits of throwing away the diet books are better sleeping, more nourishing food, being kinder and being more mindful of my actions.

'I wish I had found you earlier' 


This is something I hear ALL THE TIME from women who have ditched diets and now enjoy nourishing themselves without the pain and restriction of dieting.

Don't let this be you! Don't waste ANY more of your precious time and hard-earned money on diets that simply do. not. work! 

Discover a far happier way to live your life.

But wait, what about weight loss?

Grab a cuppa and let's address the 🐘 in the room...


If you've got this far and you're thinking to yourself "this all sounds amazing, but at what point will I lose the weight? She hasn't said anything about how much weight I'm going to lose, how long it's going to take, and how I can still do it whilst eating cake. What gives, lady?"

And you'd be right. I haven't said any of these things.


Because you've been lied to about weight loss your entire life and it's about time someone actually told you the truth. 

It's me. I'm going to tell you the truth. Well, as much of it as I can here (there's a LOT to say about it, and you're busy).

The WHOLE narrative we've been fed about losing weight is one of the biggest cons in living history and unfortunately most of us have fallen for it, and keep falling for it over and over.

The truth is, our bodies were not designed to be starved in order to fit into an invented standard of size and beauty.

Bodies come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with yours.

The problem with dieting is that it causes our metabolism to adapt meaning when we 'fail' on the diet and regain the weight, we regain more than we lost and it becomes harder to lose the more we diet. 

For many women who have reached the age of 40, they have been dieting for 15-25 years and nothing works anymore.

It's not you. It's your biology.

We need to retrain your brain and body with 're-nourishment' and reject diets both physically and mentally in order for the body to feel safe again, and maintain its true weight. This. Takes. Time.

You can still desire weight loss. Most people at the beginning of this journey still want this - that is normal - and it can take a really long time to let go of that feeling. 

What I will encourage you to do, however, is to just park it for a while. Park the weight loss and let's give this a go.

I don't blame you and I won't shame you for wanting to lose weight - it's been so deeply ingrained into all of us for so, so, so long and that 💩 is hard to let go of.

We have so much less control over our weight than we've been led to believe.

So no, I won't promise you a certain amount of weight loss in a certain amount of time because I actually have values, morals and integrity and I won't sell you a load of garbage that doesn't work and that perpetuates women's insecurities.

But what we will try and work towards is weight stability and self-acceptance.

If you can get on board with that, you are so welcome here. 


Tash B.

"I really can't express how much your programme has changed my life. 

I now know it wasn't my fault I couldn't stick to diets. I no longer think about food all day and wonder what naughty treats I can have. I no longer feel the need to diet or start again on Monday.

But best of all I don't spend all my time obsessing about how fat I am and beating myself up about what I've eaten.

I feel like I'm living my life."

The Nourished Collective is PERFECT for you if...

☑️ You’re tired of feeling like a failure around food the whole time and you haven’t got the time, energy or inclination to keep starting new diets.

☑️ You want to take better care of yourself and feel good in your forties and beyond without adding more ‘things to do’ to your plate.

☑️ Every ‘food plan/ healthy lifestyle’ you’ve tried involves some level of restriction and you’ve struggled to maintain this.

☑️ You’re craving a healthier relationship with food where you can stop at a couple of biscuits instead of finishing the packet but you have no idea how to actually do this.

☑️ You’d love an affordable solution to your food worries and health goals led by a qualified individual and not an influencer and you want to stop being shamed for enjoying chocolate. 

If you've just checked many or all the boxes, The Nourished Collective has been crafted just for you.