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Nutritional Therapist, Mindset Coach and founder of You Are Nourished. I'm obsessed with your nourishment.

My goal is to inspire and empower you to nourish yourself every single day, fall in love with food and feel the best you've ever felt, without ever dieting again.

My approach to eating isn’t about weighing, measuring and counting.

I don’t care about the numbers on your scales. 

When my clients and members tell me about reducing their blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure - those are the numbers I can get behind and celebrate.

But mostly I care about how much you are enjoying your food, your body and your life.


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Monthly Membership Club

Feel revitalised, restored, and re-energised inside and out

Join my online community of food-lovers and:

  • Have a balanced and healthy relationship with food and get off the rollercoaster of dieting
  • Nourish your body inside and out without feeling hungry and deprived all the time
  • Look after your physical and emotional wellbeing without feeling guilty that you're putting yourself first

No more confusion over what to eat. No more guilt for choosing tasty foods.


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Other ways to work with Lauren

Shift The Sugar Challenge

Are you a slave to the mid-afternoon slump? Is your day dominated by snacking and sugar-fixes. Rediscover the joy of natural sugar while weaning yourself off sweet snacks. Free yourself from sugar cravings with my 5 day meal plan, shopping list, prep guide and value-packed training videos.

Tried and loved by more than 6,000 people.


7 Meals in an Hour

Get started with simple meal prep, save precious time and reduce mealtime stress in just ONE HOUR!

No fancy equipment, weird ingredients or ninja cooking skills required. 

You'll create a selection of delicious, healthy meals that fill you up, reduce wastage and remove the mealtime guesswork - in one hour. And the best part is: ALL the thinking has been done for you.


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