[3/4] Underlying “non-food” reasons for weight gain – Inflammation. With Emily Niswanger.

Jun 22, 2022

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We’re continuing our four-part series on reasons why you might be struggling to lose weight, by looking at inflammation. And this week I am joined by my first-ever podcast guest expert! Emily Niswanger, a Functional Dietitian from Anywhere Nutrition – who is an expert in all things to do with inflammation – joins me all the way from Minnesota!

Now, when we think of inflammation, we tend to think of conditions where you can obviously see or feel the inflammation, like arthritis, for example, where you would experience persistent pain. Many of us don’t realise that we can also have internal inflammation that goes on inside our bodies that we just don’t see. Do you suffer from digestive issues like bloating? Do you lack energy all the time? Do you find it hard to concentrate and forget things a lot? These are all indicators of chronic inflammation!

In this episode, Emily helps us delve into what inflammation is, why it can make weight loss difficult, and shares lots of ideas on changes you can make to your diet and lifestyle to reduce inflammation.


“If you are struggling with inflammation in the body, no amount of dieting or exercise is going to help unless we deal with this root cause first.” 

- Lauren Gayfer


In This Episode:

  • Learn about different types of inflammation and how inflammation can prevent you from losing weight.
  • Discover the role nutrition plays in exacerbating inflammation and how to look out for hidden ingredients in shop-bought products.
  • Understand the importance of finding a healthy and sustainable balance with what you eat and how letting go of perfectionism will help reduce both stress and inflammation.
  • Learn how different lifestyle factors can increase inflammation including some surprising things you think would have the opposite effect.
  • Get top tips on healthier habits you can try to help reduce inflammation.


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