How to stop self-sabotaging your health goals

May 11, 2022

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Fear can keep us confined to our comfort zone, which stops us from experiencing life at its fullest and being the best we can be. Think about our fears around weight loss. Maybe we fear failure… that we won’t be able to stick to our diet, that we’ll give in to temptation and eat a biscuit, leading us to munch our way through the entire packet. But have you ever thought that we might also fear success? What if we actually reach our goal weight? Suddenly we’d be expected to have to do all the exciting things we so easily put off because we tell ourselves we don’t look good enough.

Today I am talking about self-sabotage. On the face of it, it makes no sense. If we decide we want to achieve something, why would we stop ourselves from accomplishing it? In this episode, I uncover the reasons we self-sabotage and share some simple strategies to help stop the cycle when it comes to your food and health goals.


“So much self-sabotage is rooted in a fear of failure, but a lot of self-sabotage is rooted in a fear of success.” 

- Lauren Gayfer


In This Episode:

  • Understand what self-sabotage is.
  • Discover what is at the root of self-sabotage and why we do it.
  • Learn how setting behaviour-led goals can make you feel like a success rather than setting goals that leave you feeling you’ve failed.
  • Get help to start re-thinking and re-framing what health and wellbeing look like to you.
  • Understand that reaching your health and wellbeing goals is not a simple, linear process.
  • Discover my tips on how to stop self-sabotaging your food and health goals.


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