Why Can't I Stick to My Diet?

Jan 12, 2022

How many times have you told yourself that this diet will be your last and that it will finally be the one you stick to?

And then how many times have you failed on said diet, and called yourself lazy, weak, greedy, and told yourself that the reason you can’t stick to your diets is that you just lack willpower?

If you struggle to stick to restrictive diets and believe that it’s down to a lack of willpower, you are going to want to listen to this episode.

I’m revealing the real reasons you can’t stick to a diet (hint – it’s nothing to do with willpower!) and giving you some food for thought about diets to help you turn your beliefs on their head and learn how to nourish your body and mind.


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“The long-term effects of dieting are weight gain. The thing you’re trying to avoid by going on a diet is exactly what you’re manifesting into your life by continuing to diet.”

- Lauren Gayfer


In This Episode:

- Learn why you not being able to stick to a diet has nothing to do with you being weak or having no willpower.

- There are a million reasons you might be finding it difficult to stick to your diet, and I’m sharing some of them this week.

- Hear why beating yourself up about not sticking to your diet is actually causing you further stress in your life.

- I’m sharing the links between mental health issues and serial dieting.

- Discover the reason that diets don’t work in the long term and how and how the long-term effects of dieting may even be contributing to weight gain.


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