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My 5 favourite Nutribullet recipes

I’m a bit obsessed with my Nutribullet and I’m always being asked about smoothies in my nutritional therapy clinic so I thought it was only fair to share my 5 favourite Nutribullet recipes with you. 

There are lots of other blenders out there in various price ranges so there’s no need to feel left out. I’ve recently been introduced to the Breville Blend-Active which comes with portable spouted bottles that I personally feel are less cumbersome than the large Nutribullet cup. However, I do so love my Bullet!

Smoothies are such a versatile food/drink. They are great for breakfast but equally fab for a mid-afternoon snack instead of a slab of sugary cake. They’re also great for sneaking extra veg into kids without them realising! Who knew you could hide spinach in a blueberry milkshake?!

The key to making a well-balanced smoothie is to make sure you include the following components:

– Vegetables – you really can blend any veg....

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5 quick healthy lunches for busy mums (and people!)

If there is one meal that I am asked about the most in my nutrition consultations it’s lunch. Everyone needs my quick healthy lunches for busy mums! This seems to be the meal that busy people struggle with the most. Whether you are a mum with other small mouths to feed at lunchtime, or you’re working from home, or working in an office, somehow lunch is a tricky time of day. Unless you’re being taken to The Savoy in which case it’s a marvellous affair, but sadly those days are long gone. *Sigh*

Anyway. By lunchtime you are generally pretty hungry and you want something to not only fill you up, but to keep you going for the rest of the afternoon. It has to be quick and easy to prepare and, if you’re like me (which I hope you are since you’re reading my blog) it has to be packed full of nutrients! 

And yet the importance of this meal is often completely underestimated. If you get lunch wrong, you’ll be on the coffees and cakes by 3pm. A...

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Roasted Butternut Squash, Lentil and Spinach Curry

This hearty and warming butternut squash, lentil and spinach curry was one of those dishes that came about from having next to nothing in the fridge and a bag of frozen spinach in the freezer. I have just discovered frozen spinach (no, really), and I am using it in everything at the moment from soups to curries to smoothies. The days of giant bags of spinach taking up my whole fridge and always going off too early may well be over!

I just love easy, midweek one-pot suppers, especially if there is enough for lunch the next day as well. Just knowing that I haven’t got to think about what to make for lunch in between school pick-ups, swimming lessons, nutrition consultations and keeping up with my blog is a big weight off my mind. I am just not a ‘throw together a ham sandwich’ kinda gal. In order to avoid the mid-afternoon tea and cake slump, lunch has to be hearty!

This butternut squash, lentil and spinach curry is my idea of a Ready, Steady, Cook challenge heaven....

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